Additional Services

We offer a number of services in addition to painting your trailer or rig. We have local parts sources if your truck needs a few minor repairs while it is off the road. See our for sale page for the custom tank straps and bunk shock covers we offer.
Do you have a  vibration problem? Center your hub pilot wheels with Tru-Balance products. For more info check . We can install it while your rig is here or just order the parts for you.
We can also get your wheels machine polished at Zimmerman Truck Service while your frame is painted. We can schedule for you or you can call Ben at (717) 733-8330 for more info. We can blast light sheet metal too. Click the blasting picture for a closer look a the Peterbilt cab corrosion repair we do.
We designed a deck plate we can get fabricated and install for you. We can do different styles, and whatever works for your rig. Click for enlarged pictures.




Here are some samples of some custom blind fender mounts we've been doing.
We also offer a clear spray on chip guard to protect the front of your fuel tanks and fenders.fuel tanks ready for chip guard